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Wichita Class

First Evangelical Free Church
1825 N Woodlawn
Wichita, KS 67208
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Wednesday at 9:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Studying Mark, 1 & 2 Peter

Lesson Information
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Time to "Phone a Friend?"

You may remember the popular "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" that still airs in some distant corner of cable television. Centered around a contestant who has to answer increasingly difficult questions to win $1,000,000, each contestant had three "life lines", one of which was to phone a friend to ask for help. These friends were often not very helpful.

As we begin the class registration process for next year, this is your chance to be a meaningful lifeline for a friend! Who might you invite to learn more about God's love for them? There's no $1,000,000 to win, but it is a no-lose situation. God's word is always powerful, always meaningful, and always life changing. Why not phone a friend and invite them to CBS?

Celebrate the Year of the Child With Us

Please join us as we celebrate the "Year of the Child" at CBS. Watch the following short video to learn more.

About Community Bible Study
Caring, In-Depth Bible Study for All

From New York to California, Florida to Hawaii, Community Bible Study brings caring, in-depth Bible study to communities across the United States. Internationally, CBS studies are available in more than 40 "heart languages" through studies in more than 70 countries. Find out more about Community Bible Study.

Ministry News

God Will Provide II Fund Launched

The God Will Provide II fund speaks to His building and making provision for CBS' growth through FISHER - Community Bible Study's virtual Ministry Service Center. [learn more]

2014 Fall Leadership Conferences Registration

The CBS Leadership Conferences continue in the Fall of 2014 with conferences in Palm Springs and Orange County! Registration is now open. All CBS Leaders are invited to attend this opportunity to learn, laugh, and celebrate! [read more]



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September 4
Lesson 1: The Earliest Gospel Audio
September 11
Lesson 2: The Kingdom of God Appears in Person (Mark 1:1-20) Audio
September 18
Lesson 3: The Authority of the Son of God (Mark 1:21–2:12) Audio
September 25
Lesson 4: The Man Who Fits No Formula (Mark 2:13–3:6) Audio
October 2
Lesson 5: Insiders and Outsiders (Mark 3:7-35) Audio
October 9
Lesson 6: Parables: Ordinary Stories With Extraordinary Meanings (Mark 4:1-34) Audio
October 16
Lesson 7: A Stiller of Storms (Mark 4:35–5:43) Audio
October 23
Lesson 8: Misunderstanding and Martyrdom (Mark 6) Audio
October 30
Lesson 9: The Blindness of Religion (Mark 7:1–8:26) Audio
November 6
Lesson 10: Discipleship as the Way of the Cross (Mark 8:27–9:29) Audio
November 13
Lesson 11: The Importance of the Least (Mark 9:30-50) Audio
November 20
Lesson 12: Discipleship in Everyday Matters (Mark 10) Audio
December 4
Lesson 13: O Jerusalem (Mark 11:1-25) Audio
December 11
Lesson 14: Jesus Meets Increasing Hostility (Mark 11:27–12:44) Audio
January 8
Lesson 15: The End of the Age (Mark 13) Audio
January 15
Lesson 16: Sacrifice and Cowardice: The Messiah and His Followers (Mark 14) Audio
January 22
Lesson 17: Meeting God on the Darkest Day of History (Mark 15) Audio
January 29
Lesson 18: Death Could Not Hold Him (Mark 16) Audio
February 5
Lesson 1: A Promising Future
February 12
Lesson 2: A Living Hope in Troubling Times (1 Peter 1:1-12) Audio
February 19
Lesson 3: Faithful Children Before a Holy Father (1 Peter 1:13-25) Audio
February 26
Lesson 4: Living Stones in the Temple of God (1 Peter 2:1-10) Audio
March 5
Lesson 5: The Testimony of the Servant Life (1 Peter 2:11-25) Audio
March 12
Lesson 6: Jesus Christ: From Servant to Sovereign (1 Peter 3) Audio
March 26
Lesson 8: The Fires of Adversity (1 Peter 4:12-19) Audio
April 2
Lesson 9: Advice to Christian Leaders (1 Peter 5) Audio
April 9
Lesson 10: The Human Response to God’s Initiative (2 Peter 1) Audio
April 16
Lesson 11: False Teachers (2 Peter 2) Audio
April 23
Lesson 12: The Promise of the Lord’s Return (2 Peter 3)